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Center for Intelligent Technologies

Center for Intelligent Technologies was established in 1995 and is a member of Center of Excellence and Competence Center for Knowledge based technology at TU Kosice, Slovakia. The Center had/has a number of projects on a national and international level. We do a number of collaborations with Japanese Universities and Korea.

Who we are

The main focus in general is in promotion of new trends in Information Technologyand also to support the applications of intelligent technologies in Slovakia. Evolving Distributed Framework for Companion Robotic Systems is the main focus of the CIT in long term research. The testbed for this proof of concept engineering research is the NAO robotic Humanoid platform. Interaction, tele-operation, learning by example, emotion technology, advance image processing,
Robot Internet Interface to Cyberspace and many other issues.
We do focus on computational Intelligence tools including other related bio-inspired approaches. In the future we are not linked to the platform but linked to the main aim to contribute to the creation of a worldwide software framework for Internet of Things e.g. Robots. Ambient Intelligence is the global direction including application of Computational and Artificial Intelligence in Robotics, Smart Spaces and Houses.